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It can be difficult to keep up with all the changes in interior design, as they are many and constant. One year, it’s bright colors and tile floors, and the next year it’s earth tones and wood floors. Trying to keep up with flip-flopping trends can drive you mad.

Maybe you should focus on a more timeless aspect of your home’s decor. Your family’s photos remain a stalwart of home decor regardless of the latest trends. If they’re worth a thousand words, then you may have a few anthologies hanging on your walls. But have you ever thought about how your family photos would look on canvas prints?
Why canvas prints?
Don’t worry, no one’s telling you to get rid of your family photos. Canvas prints are the most popular type of wall art that there is, and they have been for quite some time.
A canvas print is defined as any work of art or any image that is printed on canvas. They are both inexpensive and lightweight, which makes them perfect for growing families. They can be framed, but because canvas prints are about an inch wide along the side edges, many people opt not to frame them.
Why do people like canvas prints
While canvas prints have been around for a while, they have seen a recent spike in popularity as people discovered more uses for them. Now, canvas prints are widely used in homes because of their versatility and adaptability to other modern trends.
One of the most appealing things about canvas prints is that you can put wrap-around images on them. Their wide edges are made even more noticeable when they’re covered in print like the rest of the canvas; it gives them a futuristic look.
Also, they’re simple and inexpensive to have made. You simply find a company that specializes in online canvas printing, upload your photos to their website, and select the size of your prints. You will have them in a few days.
Ways that canvas prints are being used
Like we said earlier, it’s not the canvas prints that are new, it’s the things that people are doing with them. You no longer have to be an art aficionado to feature canvas prints in your home.
Because canvas prints are an inch wide on the sides, they stand out from the wall when they are hanging. Just that alone provides ample opportunity to get creative with the possibilities. One way you can use this effect is by using canvas prints to create a sort of photograph puzzle. Each print is a portion of a whole picture. These montages of photos make for a striking twist on traditional family photo walls.
Canvas prints also make the perfect print photo in today’s camera phone/selfie age. Don’t let the pictures that you’ve snapped with your phone just hang out in cyberspace. You can upload your selfies and other phone pics to a canvas printing specialist in about as much time as it would take you to upload them to social media. Days after you post them to your social media page, you’ll be able to hang them on the wall in your house in the form of stylish canvas prints.
Canvas prints are going to be on the walls of homes across America for the foreseeable future. They have withstood the test of time and grown in popularity with the technology age. Maybe it’s their 3D look, or maybe it’s their practicality in terms of cost and durability. But whatever it is, canvas prints will be hanging around for a while.

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